Pima Community Access Program

What is PCAP?
Pima Community Access Program, also know as "PCAP", is a not-for-profit organization that provides access to professional healthcare at discounted prices the uninsured, working adult can afford.

Is Pima Community Access Program (PCAP) Health Insurance?
PCAP is not health insurance and does not provide insurance coverage.

Does PCAP cost anything?
No monthly premium
Affordable co-payments only if services are used
$40 membership fee once a year

How can I apply?
Apply at a primary care clinic of your choice. Please refer to the list of participating primary care clinics.

Apply in person at:
MHC Healthcare
Santa Catalina Health Center
Ortiz Community Health Center
Keeling Health Center
Catalina Health Center
Freedom Park Health Center
Westside Health Center
MHC Primary Care Clinic
Clinica Del Alma

Ask your employer

For information, assistance, or to request an application, please call 520-616-6221 or contact PCAP at 520-694-0418.

What documentation do I need to participate in PCAP?
Proof of Employment
Proof of Residency in Pima County
Proof of Income

When am I eligible for the comprehensive, coordinated care & discounted services?
Membership will be effective immediately upon faxing documentation and paying the 40.00 registration fee.

What discounted services are available with the Pima Community Access program?
Laboratory Services
Specialty Care
Pharmacy Discount Plans

Who provides these medical services?
Participating hospitals, physicians/providers, and primary care clinics have all dedicated themselves to provide affordable, comprehensive and coordinated health care for the working, uninsured adults in Pima County.


What is the age requirement to participate in PCAP?
There is no age requirment for PCAP enrollment

Is there a limit on the amount of household income I may have to be eligible for PCAP?
The level of income a household can have is based upon the number of members in the family. Please refer to the enclosed Income Chart.

Any other requirements needed to participate in PCAP?
Cannot be eligible for AHCCCS, Medicare or other government-funded programs. Eligibility for AHCCCS or other government funded healthcare programs will be determined prior to enrolling in PCAP.